• What is love?
    Is it happiness?
    Is it sadness?
    Is it initimacy?
    Is it Jealousy?
    No, it cannot be any.
    But yet it is all.
    If we are meant to learn
    Why haven't we learnt to love?
    Why haven't we learnt to hate?
    We say we know but do we really know anything?
    They say love is for everyone.
    Others say it's only for the strong.
    Some say it isn't for the Cold-Hearted.
    But are we really any such thing?
    Everyone has their own way of Love.
    Some have a 'Weddings.'
    Others have realtions.
    Some only do dates.
    But to me, Love is something we control
    Something we use agaisnt each other to bring us closer together.
    For if you don't learn to hate, you don't learn to love.
    Without love, there is no hate.
    If you let love control you, it will break you apart
    And leave you in ruin.
    You may feel heartbroken when it does
    But just let it go,
    Move on,
    And try to take another Love over.