• There once was a girl who loved the dark,
    the nights call had left its mark.
    Oh how the girl loathed the light,
    the sun burns her perfect sight.
    Hiding in the corner by day,
    then coming out at night to play.
    Dancing in the light of the moon,
    not in the bright sun at noon.
    There are other children like her,
    but no one exactly alike for sure.
    The moon calls all who are willing to hear,
    so everyone listen and adhere.
    Soon we all shall listen,
    then in the moonlight we shall glisten.
    No more in the day will we play,
    for that is not our darkened way.
    I too, am a child of the moon,
    no longer of the day and its noon.
    I am a child who loves the dark,
    the nights gentle call left its mark.
    I have answered the nights call,
    and I will spread it to be heard by all.