• Last Words

    Last words always hurt the hardest,
    But they always go the farthest.
    Both people hurt while these words are said,
    From sadness, grief, and the fact that the person receiving these words are on their deathbed.

    Last words always come from the bottom of the heart.
    I think they are, in a way, like art.
    Once the words are released,
    They give a sense of peace.
    The words give the dying the strength to rise against the pain,
    To smile, or even hug, so the last moment won’t be in vain.

    I wish I could’ve stayed longer,
    So I could’ve been, for you, braver.
    I would’ve shown you much more love,
    But now your soul is going to fly away like a dove.
    And now it’s goodbye, I don’t want to admit it’s true;
    I’m just glad my last words to you were “I love you”.