• My eyes open to the sweetest thing
    the one i love left me a i love you note
    it rests softly on my pillow as the rising sun kisses it.
    He could have done something dramatic,
    but yet something so simple,
    means so much more.
    I'm stressed and exhausted as my phone rings,
    i don't have time to talk yet something makes me answer.
    A soothing "i love you" crosses the line and touches my ear,
    my face turns warm and pink,
    he says i look beautiful in pink and i turn fushia.
    something so small yet it warms my heart.
    As i walk in the halls
    when he slips up next to me and grabs my hand,
    i jump a little then calm down to his voice,
    he whispers "i love you" as he releases me.
    it is something so simple yet for me,
    it is such a rush.