• Someone once told me
    That I'm like the sun with clouds,
    Showing the highlights and even the darkest shadows
    Of my being.

    Someone once told me
    That I brighten their day with a beautiful smile.
    That I have a feather light touch
    Which makes that certain Someone's
    Heart run wild.

    Someone once told me
    That I'm beautiful and smart,
    And always caring
    For those I know.

    I am, however,
    Of a different opinion.

    I don't see
    All those beautiful wonderful things.

    All I see
    Is a lonely little girl
    Trying her hardest
    Not to stay that way.

    I don't see anything beautiful
    Or smart.
    What I see
    Is the sun inside of me
    Completely shadowed
    By the darkest clouds.

    But Someone once told me
    All of these things.
    And with all of my being,
    I want to believe.