• Old, new and used
    Bought, sold but never loaned
    Restricted to using yours
    Never have the joy of others

    Seeing joy makes you sad
    Sadness flowing over into anger
    While that anger destroys
    Your love fades away

    Looking for the one that needs you
    Between all that has happiness
    For it has not seen anger
    It will bring you joy

    Hoping for this joy
    Hoping to obtain it
    Love has not made a difference
    But will tonight

    People surround your body
    Suffocating in the joy
    You want to go back to anger
    But love has you at her claws

    Seeing the crowd flow away like water
    Only one drop stands still
    It is the one that soothes you
    Love is at your feet

    No more anger or sadness
    Only joy and love to fill its place
    You fly up to the moon
    And taking her with you

    And so ends the story of despair
    But starts the tale of love
    Neverending in glory
    Such love will not be forgotten

    - Joey