• A haunting dream
    once came to me
    about love lost
    and memories
    A lullaby plays
    beneath the moon
    and slowly lets out
    necromantic tunes.

    A love once dead
    brought back to life,
    and we forget
    all of our strife.
    A single kiss
    begins the song
    Taking us where
    we belong

    And on the grave
    where we now stand,
    out from the ground,
    a rotted hand
    holds up the gift,
    Ouroboros of love
    A ring of trust
    My mind's made up.

    I take the ring
    and offer it out
    as I kneel
    and say my vows
    she's looking down,
    her face dark red
    I look up,
    and hear the yes.

    Eternal life
    inside a ring,
    tell me what will
    our future bring?
    Children, jobs
    and then old age?
    Will we remember
    our necromantic days?

    Or let them pass
    like sand in the wind?
    never to feel that
    necromantic love again?
    I highly doubt
    among us two
    That we could forget
    that moonlit tune.