• the time we've wasted seems so much
    yet none can compare to the loss of your love
    you left with not a word no hug no tears
    yet an oceans full have spilled from my eyes
    so deep my sorrow for the loss of your kiss of your breathe on my neck
    so little you seem to hurt after a love so immence

    we take every precaution at the start of love to keep from loseing someone so dear
    we listen and learn and love grows strongand even as we begin to fall they fall away from us they do not take in the hurt they bring but we feel it stronger every day they are away

    take in my depression and lonelyness feel the pain i feel and you will no true sorrow a broken heart may be fixed but even something mended can still feel agony as time wisps away we lose the amusement for life and the need to feel anything the only pain we begin to feel is the pain of our hearts and minds but not of the flesh and blood.