• Seeds of our Souls

    Planting seed in the sunlight
    with the echoes that lay within my soul
    The hope that goes into them that i would never lose

    Every place in a corner
    Comes with many things i never thought
    Could ever happen to a person such as I

    Who'd thought it?
    That things would get so bad?
    Fearing for my life at every turn

    Who'd think it?
    That things would turn for worse?
    It's hard to hold the cracks within my heart

    But just as day turns to night
    The night will turn into the day
    And once more the seeds will start to grow

    And while sunlight
    May give in to the rain
    Without it all we wouldn't understand

    One day in the future
    You will see the fruits of our labor
    A full tree reaching for the sky.