• In the corner sitting down
    then I look straight to the ground
    to my shadow staring back at me
    which is all they ever see
    they'll never truly see me face
    now here in this lovely place
    this would be some perfect picture
    sitting with this lonely figure
    which just happens to be
    the only me they'll ever see
    because no one will give me the time of day
    and they wonder why I stay away
    and here inside the deep dark corners of my mind
    oh how I wish that they could see
    the only place I'm truly free
    free from school, free from tests
    free from you, and all the rest
    here I'm loud, crazy I'm wild
    yes I'm just like some little child
    but honestly so are you
    its the me they never knew
    but only because they never tried
    to get to know the me outside
    little by little my true colors show
    i guess its the me that they'll never know
    yes by the way I'm truly sane
    I just find comfort in the rain
    and there's something about the dead of night
    I don't know what it is but it feel so right

    in the night I never fear

    because its the only time that its all so clear

    these last two year have gone fast but slow

    do you remember me from long ago?

    just the girl that now rarely cries

    because shes over with the good byes

    here I know I'll stay awhile

    some how I know its all worthwhile

    and even though I have few friends

    it seems that I have actually made amends

    I just wish I would talk some more

    just like I did before

    most of the time the words just don't come out

    its really something i could do without

    and I know I really tried

    that is not the me inside

    and one day I hope they'll see

    the kind of girl I know I'll be

    the kind of girl I am inside

    I really wish she wouldnt hide I wish she would come out for the world to see that this is the girl that I will be