• As I walked and while I wandered through the winter wind, I found her
    Lying like a statue, unmovable and untouchable.
    I looked around the white world to see if anyone else is near.
    I see her lying in the snow lonely as if unable
    To see what’s around her. Her love found her, but she’s unable.
    Alone in the world with nothing more.

    I steadily move toward her, looking at her lost soul and wish to dethrone
    The cold winter wind that tries to call her home.
    I want her there in my arms alive and ready to face the storm
    That life throws at us harshly so and watches as she tends to roam,
    But she is resting there so lost and unable to roam.
    She’s in this world with nothing more.

    I walk to her, examine her, and cry for my lonely Lucy.
    Her body is as white as stone, but a thread of hope remains for her.
    I check her pulse and hear her steady breathing; she is alive.
    She scans my face with crystal eyes and looks up to God above
    For she believes her hero has been sent from up above.
    She sees the world has something more

    She senses that Aphrodite has summoned me to save her.
    So with her pale form in my arms, I lifted her to the skies.
    Away we flew to nearby where doctors roamed and nurses wandered.
    “She barely breathes” I told the doctors, hoping she had not met her demise.
    The doctor answers me with fear, but she has yet to meet demise.
    There’s hope in the world if nothing more.

    Her cold dying body lies on a surgeon table with hope for revival.
    She is put to rest for now, while cuts are made and lives maybe saved.
    As doctors save, I pace around a room and wait for my love.
    Hours pass and I hope and fear that her path has been paved.
    I long for her life to be saved and that her path is correctly paved.
    Only fear in my heart and nothing more.

    They work and work and do not tell me of her situation
    For they fear the worst and little hope still lingers,
    But I believe that she’ll be saved and my hope still remains for her.
    I see a waiting window peering at me and twitching fingers
    haunting me so for her fingers are all that move. Those cold fingers.
    She’s still alive with something more.

    I watch and peer but see no more, so my waiting chair calls me near.
    I sit, wait, and wait all day ‘till nightfall draws my sleeping dreams.
    I dream of my dear Lucy, and how she lives through the dream-filled night.
    I dream a dream that’s not serene for it’s filled with high-pitched screams.
    I fear my Lucy’s dying away for those screams are deadly screams.
    I dream this world has something more.

    Dreams are scary but dreams are wise, so I fear those deadly screams,
    But I have hope and it shall stay ‘till doctors say she’s gone away.
    Until then I will wait for my Lucy to appear through that door.
    As I wait, I see hope in the form of a black and white x-ray.
    No bones broken, no fractures made; I thank God for that x-ray.
    I see there is something more.

    Hopefulness stays the same as I stare through that deserted door.
    Then the doctors come to me, and they call me into her room.
    They show me that she gently sleeps and needs not to be awakened.
    I’m told the news I wish to hear that I could be a groom.
    My eyes light up as I see that I might still be Lucy’s groom
    There’s joy in my heart with something more.

    I take her hand and sit by her side ‘till I see her eyes blink.
    I hold her tight, hope, and pray that God will not take her away.
    She looks at me and says “please stay by my side and never leave me”
    So I sit ‘till told to leave and with a kiss I must betray
    My beloved Lucy, but I wish I did not betray.
    I left her alone with nothing more.

    Hours pass, but yet no word until that beloved man appeared.
    He came with news I’d yet to hear. News that made my heart rejoice.
    Fresh roses I smelled, as my heart fluttered for my darling Lucy.
    He told me of her recovery and that they had made their choice.
    The choice they made was my hope and life. I love them for that choice.
    I’m glad the word had something more.

    Out the doors, we briskly go; hand in hand and our smiles really show.
    In the silver smart car, we drive as the hospital leaves me.
    I drive and drive ‘till I see those bright headlights blinding my eyes.
    They’re racing toward us like demons souls come to take my hope from me.
    I cling to her, as my life flashes for that demon car will hit me.
    I hope for her life and nothing more

    Darkness quickly surrounds me as I lay on the concrete floor,
    Staring at a single light in the distance coming toward me like a freight train.
    Then all at once, I could feel a calming peace upon me
    And saw those pearly gates with streets of gold with my Lucy in plain
    View. I hoped again with greater hope for we were together plain.
    We died in that world with something more.

    I walked through those gates to my shining star and felt at peace with God.
    We glance about with hope for our souls for we made it to rest
    Where cherubim roam and seraphim wander, and we have peace
    For we no longer must worry about our safety but be blest.
    I’m thankful we are in God’s control now and can only be blest.
    God lives with my soul and something more.

    As I’m walking through heaven with my lovely Lucy, I see
    My family of the past and eternal life for our future.
    I see children run past and feel only hope for my love and me.
    We walk down the streets of gold and I am glad we found closure.
    My dear little Lucy will love it in Heaven with closure.
    No longer alone with nothing more.