• You used us and lied,
    Broke up our family,
    Made us all cry.
    And for what?

    Just to "love" this creep.
    You've left your daughter and husband.
    You think we will sit here and weep.
    You're crazy.

    You've told every lie in the book.
    You've hurt my gramparents and parents.
    just open up your eyes, take a look.
    We want nothing to do with you now.

    You used to be Gramma's best friend,
    But you've hurt her in so many ways.
    She's cried tears to no ends.
    Just for the scum of the earth.

    You've changed your looks, your clothes, your attitude
    Only for the freak you call the one
    You show no gratitude
    Despite all we've done.

    So you think running will do some good,
    Do you think we will dwell forever?
    You think you're misunderstood.
    You don't care.

    The truth is you don't know how to love or even like.
    You left your daughter for no future.
    Just for this ******** dyke.
    And you don't give a s**t.

    My final request is for you to burn in hell,
    Stop living your life for nothing,
    Break out of his shell.
    though, who am I to stand in the way of "love"?

    Sure, we still love you.
    And we will always hope for you to walk through that door.
    But, we are through.