• I can seem to speak around you,
    you’ve stolen, my breath,
    snatched my, you’ve got me
    wrapped around your finger.
    I want to tell you something, but
    I can’t seem to find the right words…
    you’ve got me dazed, daydreaming,
    You’re on my consistently
    never hesitantly.
    Ha, you make me feel like
    I’ve got butterflies…
    I know corny, right?
    But your presence alone, lifts me,
    brightens my day.
    Your smile makes me smile.
    Your touch warms my cold skin.
    You’ve got me high, soaring above
    all my problems, above everyone else.
    I know what I’m trying to tell you,
    I just want to tell you in the right way.
    How about I tell you as best I can?
    In III simple ways.
    In just III words, I’ll show you the
    truth, hidden behind my heart.