• Day after day
    The cold bitter wind blows
    Icicles hang from my eyes
    Not of water but of tears
    That escaped during the night

    Long, scary poems
    Written in blood
    They make me wonder
    Will I ever see the sun?

    The blackest gray
    The ever-color of the winter sky
    Dreary, and dead
    The only I warmth I get from inside

    My sister, my friends
    So many hands to hold
    Just one person, though
    Multiplied many times
    And one by one
    Non-existent they become

    I wonder, I think
    Where is my sun shining?
    For I cannot move on
    I must realize there is one
    That is just hidden
    Beneath dark clouds
    That I may make fade
    And then my sun will shine brightly
    Day after day