• red and orange

    pink and blue

    these are the colors that remind me of you

    red, is for the fire in your heart

    pink, is the love you give

    orange, is for the daze you go into

    blue, is the color that remind me most of you

    late at night you cry yourself to sleep

    weeping though the night without a peep

    noone can brake the bond that we share

    say those three words that tell me you care

    so far apart i make a wish on a star so you come back to me

    our love so strong we never go wrong

    when we're together

    red, orange, pink, and blue

    the colors that remind me of you

    red ,for the fire that feels so warm

    pink, is for love so true

    orange ,is for the way you stare

    blue ,is the color that shows me you care

    at night you are swept away

    not to be found untill the day

    though I try and try with all my might

    I can not sleep tonight

    throughout the night I think about you

    can our love really be true

    red, orange, pink, and blue