• Shudders and chills run up your spine as you take a weary step off the front porch,
    The cold damp air kissing your flesh,
    Your eyes dilating searching for any light,
    As you move down the cement path,
    Your shoes create a beat, a steady rhythm,
    An uneasy feeling rises slowly in the pit of your stomach,
    Knots form, your muscles tense from fear, and dread,
    Your heart pounds against your chest as if it would pop out any moment,
    But yet you move on down the path,
    The only thing ringing in your ears is the sound of your walking, and the rapid beat of your heart,
    As you come to the end of the path,
    Your attention is quickly drawn to the lone standing box,
    Across the road,
    Nervously you lift your foot from the ground to take another step, but find yourself frozen,
    Shadows are dancing against the ground and trees around you, and you take a deep breath,
    Your still frozen solid though,
    Unable to move, unable to escape any danger that might creep up unexpectedly,
    Time passes on, slowly, very slowly,
    It’s as though the world has stopped, and you’re the only one left,
    With of course,
    The monsters that lurk in the background,
    The fear has completely taken over your entire system,
    And habitually you look from left to right,
    After what seems like eternity,
    Your foot hits the ground,
    Catching you off guard, you fall to the ground,
    As your balance was thrown,
    And you see the cement coming closer and closer,
    Now on the ground,
    Pain and frustration is now apparent,
    As you stand up,
    You look to the lone standing box, that still hasn’t been touched,
    Determined to reach your goal, you take a step off the sidewalk, and once more,
    Look from side to side,
    Approaching the box, you raise your hand,
    Just as your about to touch it,
    The sound of the alarm clock going off fills your ears,
    And you wake.