• Our world is a Beautiful and wonderful Place

    So many Things to see and do

    I don’t know about you

    I want to see it all

    The Birds in the sky

    The Tree rustling in the wind

    The Cool wind blow though my hair

    The rays of sun hit my skin

    I want to hear the bird songs

    I want to hear the Calls of animals

    I want to touch a rock in every country and every region, state, province

    I want to see the Seven Wonders of the World

    I want to meet new faces and call them friend

    Our world and everyone on it is beautiful and Wonderful

    But get some things still bother me

    Could it be the cry of an abused child gone unheard?

    Could it be the cries of abused animals?

    Could it be the sight of Animals being kill because we want to make a new hair product?

    Could it be the Sound of People screaming before they are murdered?

    Animals being hunted because they are trying to live

    The sounds of guns being shot in going north, south, east and west

    The sounds of people crying for the loss of their child because one country thinks it’s better than the another

    Well guess what it’s not we are equal

    Yet all the hate in world is enough to destroy us

    Why must the innocent Suffer?

    A child the age of 7

    His mother is god in his eyes

    To her he’s just little ******** head loser

    And because the mother has a hard time she takes it out on the child

    Well guess what that child is now dead because his mother wasn’t ready to have a baby

    And Guess what’s even worse is nothing happened to her she is still free

    Yet the poor boy has to die Knowing that his god, his mother never loved him

    A Baby Puppy locked in a cage because he was lost and hungry trying to survive one more cold night

    Gets taken, put through horrible tests every day, a pain so great, a whole life of pain couldn’t equal to his

    All because we wanted to make sure something didn’t hurt our own

    Yet why punish an animal

    This world that seems so wonderful if you take a quick overview of it, Yet every day bad things happen and child is abused, an animal is beaten to death for fun, I don’t know about anyone else but this is not the world I want to live in anymore

    People see the problems, and people hear some cries

    But why, Why must those cries go unanswered I know when I need help I can call 911

    But what please tell me, Can a child do, a fear struck child, See we let fear control us

    Fear is nothing but a form of evil that lets you fear something so minor

    And in the world we live in Fear can be used as a weapon Terrorist use fear all the time

    Why do you respond to terror and not to the cries of others?

    They say we have to stop global warming or we’re going to die

    But what’s the point if the world will live in is full of pain, sorrow, fear, sadness

    To me I’d rather the world be destroyed then having to know that innocent cries go unheard

    Yes our world is beautiful and wonderful but it is also Ugly and evil

    I’m going 14 and I can’t do anything but someday I hope to change things around