• This time the wound is so deep,
    That no pressure can stop the bleeding.
    Stitches will not even help,
    Because I end up bursting at the seams.
    For once in my life,
    I woke up still in pain.
    The night did not steal away the hurt,
    As it usually does.
    I closed my eyes for what felt like mere minutes,
    And awoke to the same state...
    That I was already in.
    I keep hoping that the wound would just close,
    So that I might have the ability to let go.
    But a scar would takes its place,
    To remind me of what caused me to cry myself to sleep.
    It would be just another badge,
    That I would be forced to wear...
    Even if I did nothing great to earn these badges of mine,
    People may notice, people may see.
    Some may even be brave enough to ask me.
    But I will just shrug my shoulders,
    And shut my eyes.
    Then tell them, that I am so forgiving,
    It is disgusting.
    Their bewildered looks would probably have me tell them,
    That my badges are not to be coveted, reverenced, or even noticed.
    They are just wounds left on my heart.
    To remind me of all the tears that slid down my face,
    To remind me of all the endless nights were I prayed for relief,
    And to remind me that I may forgive,
    But my heart will never forget.