• you say you know
    what turned me into this mess
    people label as "emo"
    or why this emptyness
    aches inside me
    every now and then,
    and clearly you can see
    how i struggle to be content
    with what i am.
    you say i'm crazy
    because i don't give a damn
    about anyone but me.
    well, let me tell you
    that this didn't happen
    because because wanted it to.
    yes, i was normal back then,
    if it's "normal" you want to call it.
    i know i'm not like the others
    and i'm not afraid to admit
    that i find relief with razors.
    what you see
    is what i show you.
    everyone who looks at me
    just stares right through.
    they all fill their mouths with s**t
    and ignore me like it doesn't matter
    that i've never felt so sick.
    i'll carry my scars forever
    and scream silently for help.
    i may be a fake to you
    but at least i'm true to myself.
    did it ever come to you
    that maybe if you took the time
    to hear what i have to say
    you'd know what goes through my mind
    and maybe see me in a different way?
    did you ever consider
    that what i go through everyday
    is what makes me drift away so far?
    alone, misunderstood and pushed away.
    i'd love to see you in my place
    and go through the insanity
    of having hundreds look into your face
    and never notice how completely
    destroyed you are on the inside
    because they're too busy uncovering
    the scars and secrets you hide