• A girl and a boy were friends
    they would like each other one minuet
    but hate each other the next

    they would talk to each other nearly every day
    and would hang out in places with lots of people
    and they would sit down and chat

    then he would say horrible things
    and hoped she would die
    this made her fall to pieces inside

    then he would say sorry to her
    and said he wouldn't do it again
    but the very next day ,he would be at it again

    she though he loved her
    but then he would hate her
    she really didn't know what to say

    he buys her gifts
    and gives her hugs & kisses
    but did this mean anything?

    she loves him so much
    and thinks of him 24/7
    but this love seems like a crime

    she's puzzled and confused
    but she truly does love him!
    what should she do now?