• Daddy, daddy, you left today
    Right then I didn't know what to say
    As you said to us good-bye
    I bit my lip so not to cry

    The blood I felt reminded me
    Of the terror you would see
    Your boots were gleaming in the light
    The same as fire burning bright

    You gave mommy a kiss on her cheek
    Your embrace made me feel meek
    Fear shot through me down to the bone
    As you walked away, I sat alone

    Seasons pass, children play
    Another slowly passing day
    All the kids, they stop and stare
    Not understanding why I care

    Without me knowing, a month is a year
    And today is the day that I feel cheer
    Because Daddy, you came back
    I hear you upstairs as you unpack

    You kiss mommy and hold her tight
    Even better you stay the night
    We get to keep you for fourteen days
    But then you leave us without delay

    Months later the rain starts to pour
    Bringing two soldiers to our door
    They have a package, and I know then
    My daddy won't come home again