• Mindless slave.

    these halls are meant to house vast knowledge, and help us pave the road towards college,
    these walls hold up our society's youth, but no one seems to know the truth.
    one step in, and you should see, people staring at you and me,
    just because we choose indifference, means we're exiled out of existence.

    The laughs, the mocks, the bitter, tasteless words, how much of these do we deserve?
    Sorry we choose to be ourselves instead of fake, empty shells.
    Since when was that crime? Now we’re mocked, endless times.
    They’ve won, broken us to the core, now what’s left? nothing more.

    Now they can have their way, finally we turn into a mindless slave.
    Follow the leader, do as they say, why? Isn’t it as plain as day?
    Finally we’ll fit in, hang with the popular crowd. Seems our judgment is easy to shroud
    Yes we’ve lost ourselves in this pursuit, but the end result has quite the loot.

    Finally they don’t laugh, finally they don’t stare, we’ve been accepted! But wait, oh dear,
    Where’s the happiness? Where’s the fun? We gave all that for what? So what if we were shunned?
    I feel I’ve lost myself, you must feel the same way too, not being us, what ever shall we do?
    At least then I knew who I was, who I wanted to be, now it’s gone. I’m stranger in my own body.

    I gave all I was, all I ever believed, I became the same person I once hatefully perceived,
    As one who can’t feel good without tearing others down, my true self seems to have rightfully drowned.
    how could I have let this happen much to my dismay? Isn’t it as plain as day?
    Once you go and lose yourself, you turn into a mindless slave.