• Ever know how it feels?
    Being trapped within to places?
    Loving one, but needing the other?
    Putting me in this situation?

    Making me feel like crap?
    Giving me lectures, putting me through hell?
    Ever know how it feels,
    Pain rushing down your back like a kniwfe stabbed you?

    Saying you'll never leave me behind,
    But doing it anyway?
    Saying you love me,
    But cheat?

    Telling me im irresplaceable,
    Then throwing me out like trash?
    Only becuause you both found some-one new?
    More exciting?

    More normal?
    But being there when needed but still against me?
    Not telling me what happened?
    All these questions go out to you....

    I want them answered you never gave me one...
    I need one i wont move on with out it!
    So find in your heart i once layed and show your smile once more..
    Or why is the question

    So why now?
    Why ever?
    Just, why?