• I look at you and think
    "Why are you smiling?"
    You change moods before I can blink
    Those blocks just keep on piling

    I know this isn't easy for you
    You don't know what to do
    It's not easy on us either
    Giving up, or ignoring you--we want neither

    I think you smile so you let us know
    "Hey I'm okay"
    That's not the way you want to go
    All we can do is hope and pray

    You don't like being touched
    You can't talk
    You've amounted to more than much
    You failed every milestone--even how to walk

    I don't want to see you in a hospital, ever
    I will even go to therapy with you
    "Okay, try to pull that lever"
    I'll go through it all with you

    I love you more than you can understand
    When you graduate
    Mom'll be so happy "there's my little man"
    Your life we'll be able to punctuate

    I'm here with you, bro
    I'll be there whereever you go
    And just remember we love you
    I hope you understand that too