• my mind says yes
    but my heart protests
    my mind is still ever so restless
    hand in mine we take this world
    a twist and bend in this endless road
    my heart she is weary
    but my mind has overcome
    unable to think not capable to speak
    the thoughts of you are what make me so weak
    these days go by
    my thoughts a mess
    this life is as fragile
    and as uncontrollable as the next
    we have a long way to go
    come on lets go and give them a show
    can i take this
    will i make it
    this world a never ending terror
    i carry on go with the flow
    but still no returning favor
    my mind is unsure
    my heart is to weak
    give me a helping hand
    go back to the way things were before
    look through past memories
    just asking for more
    can we just look this over
    hold onto this faith
    and through it all find some other way
    ease up
    lay back
    give love
    and never take it back
    arm in arm i look in your eyes
    and still as to no surprise
    a gentle smile
    a reassuring glance
    you are still the one i love best