• Count the days untill i'm in your arms again
    I miss you so much
    Your voice your touch
    but most of all
    I miss how I feel when you hug me
    his arms wrapped around her waist
    her arms wrapped around his neck
    their eyes staring
    back at each other
    a sign of young love
    lets go dancing
    & fall in love
    & break each others hearts with a tragic goodbye
    & then tomorrow we can do it all again
    its started out like any other summer
    every single joy & fear
    thats how we found each other
    if I could do anything
    its would be to kiss you
    in the middle of the street
    on the rainest day of the year
    Every time we touch we get this feeling
    & every time we kiss i swear i could fly
    cant you hear my heart beat fast
    i want this to last
    i need you by my side.
    show me love the way its supposed to be
    lock me in your H.E.A.R.T
    & throw away the key...
    last night I fell asleep to a song
    that reminded me of you
    on repeat & every moment. every word
    everytime it played
    there wasn't a moment
    I could keep my mind of you
    that means something... right?