• Verse 1:
    Skin frozen to the touch
    She knows it isn't much
    But it's enough

    Thinks she's not good for you
    Don't say it isn't true
    This is wrong just so wrong

    Why this love for a monster?
    She shouldn't want him
    He shouldn't want her

    Still he says...

    Nothing matters more
    I'll do anything for her
    She will always be
    The greatest part of me
    Most beautiful girl
    you'll ever see
    She's the best part of me.

    Verse 2:
    Don't you know you should be afraid?
    She's made it clear as day
    You should run please just run.

    As far as you can make it
    Don't think he can bear to take it
    Your not safe, just not safe anymore

    This is where their paths must stray
    She'll move on
    It's better off this way


    Tell me why tell me why
    You can look me in the eye
    Tell me why tell me why
    You even want to try
    "Tell me why" he said
    "Tell me why" he said
    Tell me