• Scream if you must
    But this will be over much quicker if you just sit still and be quiet
    Remember when I said I would never hurt you?
    Well I was lying.
    If you want to leave all you have to do is ask
    But that might be kind of hard
    With your tongue severed
    And your jaw ripped right the ******** off
    All your life all you’ve ever talked about is
    How much you’ve suffered
    How mistreated you’ve been
    In the arms of your loving family
    Who lavished you with everything you’ve ever wanted
    I’m gonna jam that silver spoon of yours all the way through your throat
    You think you know suffering?
    Well I’m about to make an honest man out of you
    Go ahead and struggle
    That only makes it more fun for me
    In your life everything has been given to you
    Why break the pattern now?
    I’m about to give you nightmares for the rest of your recently drastically shortened life span
    Consider it a malignant gift from an old acquaintance
    If you were looking for someone who would sympathize with you when you made me your “friend”
    Then you came to the wrong person
    Cause dude...
    I’m a ******** monster.