• Recite the words inside my heart
    Nothing’s whole
    Everything’s apart
    You chase after dreams
    Out of your reach
    What’s the point?
    Your faith, to breach
    Kill it now
    Your hope is gone
    Everything is meaningless
    No point to advancement
    Destroy the world
    In a nuclear blast
    A single spark
    The catalyst
    Hateful words
    Hateful men
    Selfish gains
    Selfish ends
    Watch it all
    Burn away
    Waiting for
    The End of Days
    Cursing everything
    As we fall
    Watch as darkness
    Covers all
    Wallow in despair
    Men of the world
    The end has come
    Come what may
    Let fire fall
    And consume these beings
    A waste of space
    They have no faith
    Let the ground open
    Swallow them whole
    Sink to the abyss
    Forever more