• Do The ways of the world make us who we are
    As the follies of men are ourselves it seems
    We have no defense, no thoughts of our own
    We are but drones, mere dust in this scheme

    The things we may find may not be what we seek
    For what we seek is but further indulgence
    For what meaning is life more than to live
    To live, and die, and repeat the process

    Only in our minds can we find true bliss
    For the world has forsaken us all
    How can this be when we are the world?
    Because we have ignored the call

    The constant struggle of war and strife
    Yet never a perfected solution
    It seems that there is no way to truly find
    We have but this destitution

    We care of ourselves, but rarely of others
    And show that our minds are meek
    All we can do is squabble and lie
    All these sins that we intend to keep

    For what day will destruction come upon this place
    And wash away all this odious scum
    When will we be able to finally see
    The curse that we’ve become

    Fear and contempt for what we call rulers
    Is established as our lives
    The only thing left to free your mind
    Is the sting of death divine

    In life what we feel is but pain and sorrow
    Enduring until our end
    In death what we feel is but sweet release
    In our ever glorious descend

    Deny my words with your naïve thoughts
    And show you know what’s best
    But no matter how far you run, you’ll always know
    It’s more than just a test

    Thinking without an action or care
    Will be your fatal demise
    But how much worse can this fate be
    Than having to survive

    Transcend this sad reality of yours
    Destroy what you find a lie
    Ascend to what you think exists
    And discover it’s all awry

    What they feed you through their words,
    What you so earnestly believed
    Is now the mistake that you have made
    One that can’t be relieved