• Your beauty it truly amazes me
    It’s a face I want, but I can’t see
    A perfect body, a perfect girl
    The most beautiful one in all the world
    With a loving heart, a pretty smile
    She’s got class and she’s got style
    She’s got the moves, she’s funny too
    What she doesn’t have, I don’t have a clue
    ‘Cuz she’s got me completely mad for her
    But she seems to think that this guy is bad for her
    And so he’s sad for her, wants her to be happy
    And if she wants, this perfect girl can have me
    Your beauty it truly fazes me
    In your arms is a place I long to be
    I want to be there, my hand in yours
    Next to your perfect body, it has no flaws
    No flaws, no faults, no imperfections
    You’d be the best choice out of the selection
    But there’s no comparison, you’re just way better
    And now that I’ve met her, I’ll never forget her
    If only she’d let me be more than this
    And fulfil my longing to kiss her lips
    One more time, one turns to two
    Two becomes forever and then I’m with you
    Clueless, learning, in this cold world
    But you warm my heart ‘cuz you’re so beautiful, girl