• Sunrise sets everything into motion.
    Mosqutios start to take a rest.
    Gecko's still laugh at everyone.
    The wind whisltes between mountain tops.

    Moutains full of lush green tree tops.
    Flowers red as blood,or as yellow as the sun.
    Sand colored as a prefect tan,sea a deepp green to blue.
    Plam trees move in the wind like a well preformed dance.

    As a day goes by the sweet smell of
    Plumerias dance in the air.
    Waves crash against the beach,
    Clam the most stressed of men.

    As night dawns.
    Mosqutios come to play.
    Gecko's laugh becomes louder.
    The wind quites its whislte.

    The waves go from crash to
    a crawl.resting anyone
    who is still has eyes open.

    This is the beauty I once called home
    little old hawaii