• What is your motive, what drives you insane?
    Is it the love you know is impossible to gain?
    Or maybe its the hate that kills you inside
    What is it that wills away the life by which you abide.

    Maybe youve been dominated your entire life, maybe youve been made a fool
    Or maybe your sick and tired of living, under Gods sick and twisted rules
    His made up dreams and his ******** up heaven.
    Oh and gods filthy ******** minions, i think we call him Reverand.

    What gets you insane, what gets you pissed off?
    What makes you scared, what rips you apart like weak cloth?
    Is it the book of lies that you know as the bible?
    The book of fake answers, that perceives the devil as your rival...

    Do you find this offensive? Do my words irk you?
    Or do you agree completely, just make sure whatever you do
    You never give in, to someone elses faith
    And you never back down, and you stay insane forever
    Never to return to this world, never...never...never.