• There's something inside me waiting to come out
    It's not good more like a demon wanting to kill
    What's wrong with me I have no clue this demon
    Will surely grow until I loose control

    Someone anyone will you help me?
    Or will this thing treat me like
    It's puppet
    I don't want this never have I
    but I can't control what's inside

    The demon slowly starts to break my bond
    Chains are surrounding me everywhere
    Holding me down so i'll feel the pain
    It inflicts upon my soul

    Day by Day i'm falling deeper into
    The darkness as it consumes the light
    That once shone brightly in my mind
    I'm so alone and cold I feel like

    An icicle about to shatter
    Why did it choose me?
    I'll never find an answer
    So please help me free me

    From this demons hold before
    It's to late and I finally break
    I can't find anyway out I can
    Hear it laughing at my pain

    Taughting me as the bloody tears
    Stain my face I keep yelling at it
    To stop for someone to save me
    But it's no use my voice is nothing

    Only a small little whimper can be heard
    Now the chains start to tighten and my pain
    Grows more and more every second this is it
    I'm afraid

    As my soul is finally devoured by the shadows
    And it fully takes over this something inside me
    has finally won the battle I say my goodbye
    One last time as I slowly fade away never to be seen