• Last night I had vision,
    When the earth had a new definition.
    Where the sky was blue and the earth was new.
    There was a day
    That everyone said hurray
    Where everyone pitched in.
    To clean the earth
    So the world sparkled like a diamond
    Where the children played
    While the adults went to work all day
    I wonder where my vision as gone,
    For when I looked at the sky
    It looked like a gray pond
    The trees were dead
    And the day that everyone dreads
    When the earth was sad
    And every single person was making it bad
    Until one day the winds cleansed and cleaned
    And the people worked in teams
    To make my vision come true
    The last person needed
    Is you dear reader; yes you.
    Now our earth may be clean and bright
    This is the last world war fight
    This is our time,
    To make our earth shine!

    By Kawaii_Korin