• A single breeze echoes through the trees
    Around my heart, around my soul, around everything that makes me, me
    Telling my story, even if I don't want it spoken
    Like of today, this day, the anniversary
    Of when you left, when you walked out that door in a hurry
    With a smile of your face, you were off to war
    Off to participate in all the bloodshed and gore
    Could you not see the sadness in my eyes?
    Even now, every day I cry
    My tears not only for a lover, but for someone who cared enough to mend
    My broken heart, for someone I call a true friend
    The warm spring breeze that cuts through the air
    I hope it delivers my message to you, to take care
    Come back soon, don't leave me here, broken
    This wisp of air hums its way to places unknown
    I hope you'll hear my message, and not leave me alone
    In the summer, I begin my day with a lie
    He'll have heard somehow, he'll send me a reply
    I feed myself these lies, giving me a drop of hope
    I cry as I see blood red petals with the breeze that day, crushing my false hope
    He's not coming back, he's dead, I slowly realize
    Somehow it all seemed worse with my daily lies
    "I'm sorry," I thought I heard his voice whisper in the breeze
    Or maybe it was the sound of the buzzing bees
    I hear a knock on the door, I wipe my tears and open the door to see who it's for
    "I'm sorry to inform you ma'am, but yesterday your husband died in the war...."