• Go into town I see lights when I'm walking
    I look to the right I see a couple kissing
    To the left there're two love birds sittin'
    And I'm asking myself, "Where do I fit in?"

    So I walk back to my car at home
    And I turn my radio on
    Love songs, and love songs on every single station
    But I guess thats what I am aren't I? A single station

    Nobody to hear me, nobody to turn me on
    So now I'm stuck in here, singing these love songs
    And the sad part is my favorite song's a duet
    People say that I'm a little Romeo, but I ain't got no Juliet

    I just wanna say it, I just wanna say "I love you"
    But it sucks for me, cause I ain't got anybody to say it to
    I have no brother and I no sister that ever showed me love
    So falling in it, or even exprience is somethin' I'll get none of

    I just wanna be able, to fit the empty space between my arms
    I just wanna be able, to see something pretty besides the stars
    I just wanna have, some one important to me
    I just don't want to be, the next Mr. Lonely