• I Cannot

    i cannot see the light of tomorrow.
    i cannot see through my tears.
    i cannot see, your eyes i must borrow.
    i cannot see through my fears.

    i cannot see my future, not even today.
    i cannot see through the never ending pain.
    i cannot see, for vision i pray.
    i cannot see from this life what i gain.

    all i see is blackness and hollow.
    all i see is ending this life.
    all i see is heartache and sorrow.
    all i see is my torture device.

    all you can see is the "happy" me.
    i show not what i feel.
    this frightens you, for you cannot see.
    how much pain you can deal.

    it is too late, no hope for me ever.
    only time to wait, for just one day.
    once it comes, you'll forgive yourself never.
    lay my soul to rest you will pray.