• I'm going to paint my world
    In blues and reds and greens
    I'm going ignore the unhappiness
    And I'm going to make true my dreams

    I will try to make better
    Everything that is wrong
    I will continue forth
    Even though this path is long

    I miss everything I had
    But I look forward to what I'll gain
    I miss the other hand
    That only held mine in vain

    I won't forget what hurts
    I'll just try not to cry
    I won't stay weak
    Until the very day I die

    I regret a lot
    Especially wasting my time
    I regret regretting itself
    But I truly regret sharing what was mine

    I hate being open
    But I can't shut the seal
    I hate that I said what was on my mind
    And for that I will never heal

    I now see the bright side
    Of most situations I face
    I now will keep running
    At my very own pace

    I know I sound foolish
    But this is how I'll learn
    I know I'm better off alone
    Especially because our closeness really did burn

    I plan to change what is real
    And make everything okay
    I plan to counter this mistake
    And I swear this time I won't run away