• I can't believe I'm in.


    I've bled out to get to this point.

    I held him, dying in my arms.

    The breaths shorten and the lights dim.

    "Get through this, little boy."

    The air is too cold now.

    Blast my chest out.

    Seeing you there, I couldn't bare it.

    I've lost track of my words and I think its all spurting out of my mouth.

    I look into the puddle, stained red.

    My face looking just like yours.

    I sacrificed all I have to get here.

    Please… don't take it out of me.

    Killing was nothing if it meant leaving him.

    Your eyes shot right through my head.

    For lack of romantic words… beat me.

    Beat me down to build me up.

    My eyes grow to the size of the sun.

    Could you stop and look at all this with me?

    Just sit next to me until it fades again?