• Can She Not See?

    is she blind, or vision clouded?
    is it hard to see my face?
    is she blind? i highly doubt it.
    her eyes, vacant, no hint or trace.

    is she truely unable to see?
    is my face not streaked with pain?
    is she unable? more like unwilling.
    i must be unwanted, like a stain.

    can she not see what her actions do?
    can i be invisible to m own mother?
    can she? she doesn't care for me or you.
    it can't be, but should i even bother?

    if she can't see my tear stained face.
    if i shall leave, no more will i burden.
    once i go, i'll watch her fall from grace.
    no more will she see my loving face hurt then.
    finally, i'll be free.