• Ashes to Ashes

    As I sat,
    As I waited,
    Felt the breeze brush against my face,
    Noticed the tide flow back and forth between my toes,
    Watch the sun rise and fall,
    The Stars shimmer,
    Seasons Change,
    And my passion, started to soar,

    Years pass,
    My eyes started to sore,
    My curiousity stopped,
    Deams faded,
    The sea seemed calm,
    The sky melted,
    Even the wind had no new direction to blow,

    Suddenly it felt like all the twinkle,
    All the sparks,
    The flame of the fire,
    Just died,
    Just dissappeared,

    So I sat a little while longer,
    For just a second more,
    Just to take a breathe,

    And decided,
    Has the world began to bore me,
    Or have I bored the world,

    So i packed my most valvable possesions,
    And did the impossible....


    -by:Aundre' Read
    aka "ME"