• My heart was a flutter
    now it just ain't moving
    You were the first for me
    and I can't imagine my life
    where I'm with anyone but you

    There are songs in my head
    and as I sing along to the lyrics
    I remember that you are my
    the meaning behind the notes
    and everlasting melodies

    I don't remember the
    taste of your lips
    you are the taste
    of my own that
    miss our tender kiss

    You're the whisper
    in my ears
    when nobody is there
    the soft voice that
    expresses my fears

    You are my muse
    my constant inspiration
    you empower my words
    embolden my dreams
    and awaken my thoughts

    When I fall asleep at night
    you are the toss and the turn
    my restlessness in my dreaming
    and the cold sweat on my skin
    cause in my sleep, for you, I yearn

    I think, but it is bitter
    you are the cynical line
    that is deep set in my smile
    the arrogant tones I may speak
    and the mask of my insecurity

    But you're still the
    smile on my face
    the antidote to my
    extraordinary head-case
    your happyness left a trace

    You're the joy in my day
    the sun that never goes away
    sweet, tender words that I say
    friendly greeting that I pay
    you are my calm and my okay

    You're the wind racing past
    blown away way too fast
    you were once meant to last
    but right now, you are something
    that I just cannot seem to catch

    You are the hop
    in my every step
    the inquisitive look
    and all of my
    waning desires

    we've been away
    for six months now
    I kissed you first
    a whole year ago
    but I want to know how

    you've been able to
    leave such a mark on
    my enclosed heart
    how you've known me
    better than myself

    I know you've got other guys
    and I'm no longer on your mind
    and that we've almost no ties
    they think I'm just a fool
    but I'm still hung up on you...


    Happy Would-Be Anniversary 10.31.08