• Breath Again

    I didn’t mean to hurt you my love,
    to damage your fragile heart,
    but that one confession of my only transgression,
    tore you completely apart.

    You locked yourself inside that room,
    mixing all the drugs inside the cabinet.
    I know that your actions were on purpose,
    although they claim it was an accident.

    You took them all immediately,
    attempting to end your life.
    You would have been successful too,
    if no one had noticed you weren’t all right.

    They knocked on the door and you cried more,
    wanting your family to go away.
    They broke down the door, saw you on the floor,
    and you were on your way.

    Now I’m here, at your bedside,
    in this dreary hospital.
    You're now strapped to a breathing machine,
    because, on your own, you’re not able.

    I promise to heal your wounds and make you whole.
    I promise to be here until the very end.
    Please my love, just do one thing.
    Please just breath again.

    ©2008-2009 Animus Aufero
    A.K.A. Aaron-Leon on Deviant Art