• Confusion, Answer Me

    A pain but you cant quite tell
    Oh Oh
    Dreary clouded mind
    a thought that i should be
    Or maybe i shouldnt

    I am here to do?
    I am here?
    Though life has carried me well
    Why is it that i feel this
    Such confusion vexes my mind
    But why

    Painful doubt swells in my chest.
    That sense of not know fills my head
    My emotions thrown in a blender so it seems
    Just a mix and it created blank

    I feel it all though nothing can be distinguished.
    I feel nothing
    It phases me not
    Im too overwhelmed and confused.

    My life wants to end but i couldnt do it.
    Torture in wondering whats torture.
    i torture myself without trying.
    Vague Fragments frame my mind.'
    But why?