• I guess I really wasn’t worth it
    When you said all those things
    It just hurt so bad
    Felt like I was physically ill
    But all you could worry about was you
    And how I should be that way too
    You wanted me to change
    Told me I needed to be like everyone else
    Was I not good enough?
    You said I did it on purpose
    That no one liked me because I was me
    That I purposely made everyone angry
    That you were the one who had to make excuses
    For why you were seen with me
    You had to take the rumors and gossip
    For sitting with me at lunch
    You had to go anorexic
    Because I wouldn’t
    You had to cry because they didn’t like me
    Did you ever once think about me?
    You never had to deal with it
    You thought it was so wrong
    You were wrong.
    What you did was wrong
    I was happy being me
    Happy so spend time with you
    And not caring about the rest
    I stayed with all my friends,
    Even if it wasn’t socially accepted
    But all you cared about was getting me in your ‘group’
    Of friends, your happiness
    But if it was so perfect
    Why did you always come to see me
    After school to cry?
    Did you ever once think about me?
    About how you always came to me for help
    But never once asked if something was wrong
    I know you saw all of the signs
    I know you could see through my façade
    Any good friend could
    But you didn’t
    You just continued to break me
    Rip me apart at the seams
    And I bet you didn’t even notice
    How you treated me
    Bet you thought I would just take it
    But then I proved you wrong
    I told you I would not listen anymore
    That I was tired of hearing your problems
    Tired of being the one who had to comfort you
    Where was my comfort?
    Where was my shoulder to cry on?
    I was there for you, but you weren’t for me
    And then it was all over
    You never once even apologized
    You just forgot me like all of the rest
    Guess I wasn’t worth it
    Oh well, I’m used to that
    So if you are wondering why I haven’t bothered to call
    You won’t like the answer
    As true as it may be
    Because imani,
    You just aren’t worth me
    Or my silly tears anymore
    I’m happy once more,
    Without you or your rules,
    Without your stupid crew.
    Imani I don’t need you anymore

    And Imani, if you do read this don't be angry with me. It isn't worth it because I don't care anymore. You need to know the truth. And I would tell you, but you keep ignoring my calls, keep glaring at me every time we see each other. I guess i won't get used to that, but the ignoring part I'm used to. You always did that school anyway.
    Oh, and i'm happy to not be you. At least i am comfortable in my skin, I'm happy with who I am. Happy I don't have to lie to have people to love me- bet you didn't guess that either. I have a boyfriend now, and am very happy. I have friends who cherish me for being me, and friends who will be there when I cry. Perhaps you could learn something from them, before you lose all your ghosts of freinds.