• pain rolls over me
    as i look into your beautiful eyes and see
    that u honestly no longer love me

    thats fine i guess
    i can deal with it wow what a mess
    but ill always love yoo i must confess

    friends? i ask innocently
    you say yes so niavely
    but friends once again we will never be

    weeks later i watch as
    a friendship falls apart with all that jazz
    she yelled she screamed the last thing she did was to razz

    i tried so hard to stay strong
    i try to convince myself that she was wrong
    that jus doesn last long

    despite what uve said
    her words my mind has lead
    to believe ur heart musta been dead

    u said you loved me what a lie
    but for you i no longer cry
    only for thegirl i used to be i sigh