• You Are Like A Voice,
    That Rages Inside Of Me.

    Like A Thunderstorm,
    That I Can Not Control!

    Your Like My Teddy Bear,
    That I Cuddle With Everynight.
    For It Comferts Me,
    Knowing You're Alright!

    For Years,
    All I'v Done,
    Was Shed Tears!

    That Is,
    Til I Met You!

    Now That I'v Known You Longer,
    I'v Never Felt,
    So Much Stronger

    Your Like,
    So Undiscribable,
    That I Can Not Seem,
    To Find A Word,
    To Rhym With It!

    I Know I've,
    Already Said This To You,

    "I Luv U!"

    For You,
    Are Like The Flame.
    The Flame That'll Burn,
    Inside My Soul Forever!