• Months have passed since you left me
    And every single day you've always been on my mind, why?
    Did I do something to make you forget me?
    Should I move on from your love and leave it behind?

    I suddenly Saw you today
    With a girl I didn't know
    Who is she?
    Please dont tell me you don't know
    I'm slowly losing my mind
    Please don't lie to me boy
    It's killing me slowly inside

    Every time I see you
    I pray that
    She'll see the true
    By the end of the day
    I'm praying you'll be the fool
    Sourness is all that i really taste
    I pray
    That you would have stayed
    I'm a sinner who loves you.

    I hate it when I think of you in a bad way
    Trying to reach you is hard to do than say.