• November 18, 1859

    There it was again! What is it, a fox, a little bear, a fuzzy monkey that escaped a zoo? ( Which I doubt.) Okay lately I've been seeing a little furry animal coming around and I want to find out what it is.

    November 19,1859

    What is that thing!? This time I saw that little animal pouncing around, but this time with a handwoven basket in its mouth. The little guy was carrying a fine work of art if you ask me. It was laced in the finest forest green lace, and guess what was inside the basket a orange egg that was wrapped in baby blue silk. Who would think a animal like that would be carrying a basket so smartly, instead of pushing it or whatever it does.

    November 20,1859

    Okay this time I got serious and tried to find out what that thing really was.
    I walked all the way to the old library and tried to find a book on mammals, eggs, or even handwoven baskets, apparently I couldn't find anything. But then I checked the restricted section ( I don't know why I did, ) I looked to the very back and I saw fancy books called dictionarys, I've heard of them in class but I didn't really pay attention in class so I didn't really know the point of books. I skimmed through the book until I came across a picture of- guess what? The animal! It was called a Red Panda. But before I could read any more information, the irritating old librarian kicked me out, luckily I tore the page and before the librarian could notice the page was missing I slipped through the door.

    November 21,1859

    I know this is a short journal entry but I'm going to check out that Red Panda.

    I stood up from where I was writing and took my dark brown drawing book and put on my matching brown gloves and a dark brown snow cap. I walked outside seeing patches of leaves on the trees and on the ground a sea of leaves flooding the area. I took a step down on the first of the tiny steps and tried to jump off the top. Flapping my arms while jumping, I succeeded and I looked around half expecting to see somone watching me do that embarrassing movement.

    I dragged my feet through the piles of leaves watching my footing I twirled a bit. I felt so graceful almost like one of the leaves that fell from one the trees. But as I finished my last twirl, it stood there watching me, the Red Panda. It had the basket in one hand just like a lady in the market would hold a basket. For a second it stood on its legs like a Prairie Dog would. Then it got down and crawled through the woods with the basket in its mouth.

    Of course my first instinct was to follow it, but as I did the wood around me started to change. The pine, and willow trees became skinnier and greener then tiny leaves spurted out of them, " bamboo " I whispered. Then the weather changed, to my surprise it started to snow! " Brrrr, you ever get cold?" I asked the Red Panda, okay it's not like I expected for it to anser but I do like to talk and that's the only thing I was really good at. All of a sudden the Red Panda turned around and dropped the basket. " I'd like it if you'd call me Tama." The Red Panda said in a British accent. " Wha- how- who-" I stammerd "Speak child." Tama insisted. " Why didn't you talk before, Mr. Tama." I said in a unsteady voice. " Well you see," he began," Your world doesn't allow me to speak, have you even noticed that your in a different place than before?" "Why yes but-" He interrupted "Look around you."

    I did as was told and just then the forest started to shape every minute or so it would change to a new season, winter, spring,summer, fall. "Follow me." Tama said. " Again I did as I was told. " Yes sir." Then he brought me to a tiny den. Crawl in and everything will make sense. For the last time I did as I was told. It was cramped, dark, and smelled like fish. But I looked up twinkeling lights dotted across the top, Tama smiled, " Welcome to my world."

    To be continued...